The Park9 Dog Experience Will Make You Wish You Were Checking In

It’s a fast paced world and we all have many commitments. Careers and family life take its toll and for many of us the relief from all this stress comes from enjoying the friendship and loyalty from our furry four legged friend. That’s why leaving them for any length of time can bring on the guardian guilt. How can I go on a work trip or vacation and know that my dog will be well taken care of? Have no fear. Toronto Dog Spot recently caught up with a dog daycare facility in the city that may make your vacation look drab! Your dog may never know you even left once they’ve stayed at Park9.   We had the privilege of speaking with Staci Lerner at the Distillery location. Staci is part of the senior management team and has played a pivotal role in the opening and operations of all three locations; Pearson, Distillery District and their new edition in Liberty Village. Rest assured there are no mixed feelings with leaving your pup here! Park9’s philosophy is catered right for you – the busy Torontonian who has a four legged loved one.

A Safe Environment for your Dog

With over 14,000 square feet to play, rest, lounge and socialize your dog is entertained, well cared for and supervised in this safe facility. Dogs are screened to ensure they would be a good fit with the rest of the boarding community. All dogs are in an open leash free environment and so each dog goes through an assessment and evaluation to ensure they are a good fit. They will look for vaccinations, neutering, personality, habits and training history. Dogs are put together with like personalities, so if your pup is high energy or just likes to lounge, he will be comfortable with his new like-minded friends. But, like people, even amongst a group of friends, there may be some disagreements. Don’t worry though, the dogs are not just sent out to pasture – there is constant supervision at all times and prevention versus intervention is the philosophy at Park9.

The Sandals of Dog Resorts

Want to ensure the ultimate in doggy daycare? Have them board at their Pearson location, which is the epitome of a doggy resort, complete with private, rooms, pools, aroma therapy and salon and spa. Extra add-ons include one on one time just to make sure he’s getting all the love he needs.   It all sounds pretty dreamy and your guilt is nearly washed away, but either way you’re going to miss your pup greeting you at the door and giving that belly rub. At Park9, the lines of communication are always open. Call, Skype, log on to see how your dog is doing via webcam and get updates at any time!

I love this testimonial from Amy who says:


“We have been going to Park9/UrbanDog for many many years…and our boys love it there! Park9 is part of our extended family and the boys’ second home. Whether it is daycare or overnight, we never feel guilty or have to think twice about leaving them there, it is Disneyland all the time for them!”


Disneyland! If my daughter and I felt that going to daycare was like going to Disneyland, our morning routine (and my sanity!) might go down a little easier. For all the pet guardians out there, you know I’m not too far off the mark. Little Titan, our Bernese, is just as part of the family as our biological bundle of joy. They are a handful because they have the same capacity for following directions at the moment, but we love them regardless, true? Human or canine, routine is key and will be adhered to as much as possible. Be prepared to provide food, toys and other “feel at home” things to ease the transition. Like my daughter’s “Mimi” – her confidant and loyal stuffed sheep…it somehow makes life and daycare bearableJ

Make sure to check out Park9’s website to get to know how to become part of this great community! A big thank you to Staci for your time and opening up your world to us – yes, we (and our pets) can have it all

As always we’d like to hear about your experiences with other boarding/daycare providers. If the company you use is in our directory please leave a review. Let us know what’s been great and not so great so that we can all learn from each other and provide the best for our pups!

Have you ever left your dog in a dog daycare or worked with Staci and Park9?




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