How CannaCanine uses Hemp CBD to Help Dogs

A very old and well known plant that has been weaving in and out of popularity throughout the last century, marijuana, is making the political stage again as the Liberal government prepares for its legalization as of July 1st. 

Similar, but not to be confused with marijuana, is hemp, a cannabinoid cousin. But unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain high THC content, which means no psychoactive effects. The compound found in hemp is called CBD (cannabinoid) and is a related to but not exactly like THC.  In humans it can be used medicinally without the psychoactive effects.  How?  Well, if you’re a science buff, you know our bodies work by way of chemicals and receptors, or keys and locks, respectively.  CB1 receptors in our brain can readily accept the THC molecule but not CBD.  Clear as mud?  Basically, it means the health benefits minus the loopy feeling.  

Unfortunately, many people out there who hear the term hemp automatically associate it with marijuana and THC which is unfortunate as the hemp plant and its properties have many uses (including medicine), is organic, cheap to grow and would have us avoid using other resources such as crude oil and trees.

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Remember that all medicines once originated from plants (not high end pharma laboratories), so don’t be so quick to dismiss this natural remedy.  And, as it turns out, what can be good for you can be good for your pooch as well! CBD works on dogs the same way it works on humans, with the added benefit that it lasts longer in dogs.  If your pooch suffers from anything from allergies, arthritis, cancer, digestive issues, inflammation, fatty tumors, seizures, and phobias, just to name a few, CBD can help without all those adverse side effects that pharmaceutical products incur. 

One person, in fact, did connect the cannabinoid dots for dogs and has come up with CBD products to help your sick four-legged friend.  Marc B., founder of CannaCanine, came upon the need for a medical breakthrough when his 16-year-old Jack Russel, Lyla, was suffering from separation anxiety and pain in her joints.  Having researched the regular vet route, he saw that he would have to pay mucho mula for synthetic medications, which have their own nasty side effects.  So, he gave CBD a try!  Lyla no longer suffers from separation anxiety or joint pain and she is back to her old happy, vibrant, energetic self.   I wish I had known of CBD when our Lab River was still with us.  I don’t imagine CBD would have cured his progressive degenerative myelopathy, but it may have improved his quality of life near the end.

As always, necessity is the mother of all invention, and while CBD is not new, Marc knew Lyla was not the only dog suffering, and so CannaCanine was born.  There are a variety of products and therefore a variety of ways to administer CBD such as through treats or oils. Treats are a great way of introducing CBD to dogs, but if your best buddy has a more severe issue oil is the way to go.  There are no reported side effects of CBD for dogs and they will never get high due to the only trace amount of THC found in hemp. No one ever smokes hemp to get high! 

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The value-add about entrepreneurs, I find, is the personalized touch people bring to their products. Marc’ products are homemade,uses 100% certified Organic non-GMO ingredients in all of his products, and they can specially made to order. CannaCanine uses hemp sourced from Colorado using a CO2 process to extract the CBD. The entire hemp plant is used as hemp seeds contain very little CBD to be effective. For example, his treats are all organic, gluten free and soft to chew.  But does your dog have a specific food allergy? No problem, Marc will create a treat specific to your pooch’s dietary needs, and, of course, they contain CBD.   Now that’s customer service! 

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Interested in purchasing from CannaCanine? Visit their website and use discount code DOGSPOT to receive 25% off, visit one of the many locations where his products are sold, or send Marc an email with your special request.  Having some doubts and would like to see the products up front? Make sure to catch Marc at the dog shows next year to see what the wonders of CBD are all about!

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