Questions Over Markham Pet Store and Ethical Treatment of Animals

Traditionally people who are animal lovers and would like more than just a short- term family pet go to breeders or animal shelters or rescues to find the next furry, playful love of their lives. However, pet stores found in malls still exists and if you’ve done your homework vis a vis what different breeds are like and what kind of companion you are looking for, you usually don’t end up at pet store. Pet stores have reputations for working with puppy mills. I won’t say that any one animal in particular is more worthy or special than another, but I see pet stores as a more of a I-need-a-goldfish kind of place. But no matter what you sell and where you buy, the animal should always be treated with love and respect.

A Markham pet store was recently held under suspicion with regards to how they keep their animals. An animal welfare activist, Ashley Cote, was in the Teddy Club pet store and saw that the kittens had water but not the dogs and the larger breeds where “struggling”. Appalling living conditions such as intense heat from overhead lights shining down on the animals causing the them to be lethargic and dehydrated were noted. The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) was called. There’s not much more to say on the matter as it is under an open investigation, however the current bylaw in Toronto states that pet stores cannot sell kittens or puppies unless the animals are from a reputable rescue – a bylaw still under revision in Markham. Although it still does not stipulate how the animals are to be cared for once they leave the rescue and are in the hands of the pet store owner. As it turns out, the Teddy club pet store may be violated zoning laws where they cannot have this kind of business in their current property. This issue may close down their operations all together.

Check out the Facebook video above posted by Ashley Cote and let us know if you think the living conditions for the animals were sub par. Have you ever walked into a pet store and noted questionable practices or conditions? If so, please let us know and share your story – speak up for our pups and other animal friends!

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