Would You Fake An Illness To Get A Service Dog?

Is a lie a lie only if you get caught? What about white lies and technicalities? And of course, the ever popular, “it’s ok because I’m not hurting anyone” line when it comes to not telling the truth? You would think this kind of deception applies to other people and material things and getting ones way…but apparently people are lying about themselves to get a service dog.

How badly do you want a pooch? We came across a story cracking down on people who fabricate a disability in order deem their dogs as service dogs. Why lie? Well, mostly it’s about getting perks with pooches. You get to take them everywhere by law which allows you to skirt around certain issues. For example, if you rent a place that stipulates no pets allowed, you can claim your dog is a service dog and they have to let you keep them. They can also accompany you on planes and in most restaurants, not to mention grocery stores, hotels, malls; most everywhere really. So how do so many people get a hold of service dogs? I thought service dogs where trained animals with certifications which I am sure in and of itself costs a pretty penny. The answer is always the internet where anyone can practically guess a niche market and make some money. Need a certification? No problem! All you need now is a doctors note and a little cute service vest.

Take a look at what anyone can buy from Amazon!

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The thing is, is that service dogs are working – they are actually providing a service and are trained to behave in a certain way. If you are familiar with what a servive dog is supposed to do or not do you may be able to point out the fakers. Those who say “sure, you can pet my dog” may as well put a bull’s-eye on their backs. No service dog is ever to be touched while on duty.

It’s just too bad really, that the bad apple is spoiling the bunch. There are people who benefit from this wonderful gift that pups provide and pay dearly for having them. Those with mental health issues or physical disability or disease truly need these pups and anyone who would fake a disability is disrespecting the difficulties these people endure and are trying to cope with. So, really, if you need to fake a disability just because you want a dog to go with you everywhere, maybe you should take a look at yourself. Maybe there’s something there that doesn’t need to be faked.




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