A Walkathon this Weekend is Helping Dogs in Need

There are some who believe that guardian angels watch over us.   Most of us don’t give it a second thought until we find ourselves calling out to one when we need watching over.  Dog lovers of course believe that their guardian angels are right here in the flesh, or shall I say, in the fur.  But even a hero needs a helper once in a while.  So who watches over pups?

Toronto Dog Spot was happy to learn about a group of pup angels called “PetsInDanger”; a non profit charitable, Canadian organization who are focused on shutting down puppy mills and commercial pet breeders through public education and engagement.  By shutting sown these institutions across North America, they are hoping to save 4.5 million cats and dogs annually.  That’s a lot of puppy love!

How are they reaching out and making a difference?  By raising awareness and getting everyone, starting from the very young, informed and involved.  Have you heard of Protector Campaigns? They are a group of people who collect donations and signatures, but any group can do it, and the more the better to get the word out there that there are animals that need our protection and help.  PetsInDanger has launched a Protector Campaign and they are spreading the word to elementary and high school classrooms where they educate the youth about puppy mills and their “Adopt, Don’t Shop” campaign.   From these workshops, classrooms can then form their own Protector Campaign.  Even at the University level, they are encouraging student clubs to raise awareness by creating their own Protector Campaign and offer education, workshops and events.


But you can come and see what its all about for yourself on Saturday, October 14th at 10:00am.  At King’s Circle on the University of Toronto campus, U of T Pets In Danger and the University of Ryerson Student Club chapter will be hosting the first annual walkathon to support the ADOPT, DON’T SHOP mission as well as the Redemption Paws cause to help rescue and adopt pups that have been made homeless due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Rain or shine, this walk will take you around the beautiful U of T campus for 1.25 miles of juxtaposed historic and modern buildings, and awe inspiring hospitals and research facilities.

If you’d like to participate in this event, you can register at

The event is free, but life isn’t.  Please donate what you can for the cause. $15 is suggested.  Don’t’ forget to bring your pups, bells, signs and whistles!  Let pups everywhere know there are still angles out there looking out for their best interests. There is still hope that they will find themselves in a loving home where they can get belly rubs again.




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