What to Consider Before Gifting a Pup for Christmas

Fa la la la la! Christmas is around the corner and everyone is all a hustle and bustle doing their last minute shopping and stuffing in that last piece of turkey and pie at friend and family get- togethers before the big day! Tis the season to shop, shop, shop and many of you may be thinking, between stocking stuffers and big -ticket items, is it prudent to gift someone a furry BFF?

Your heart and intentions may be in the right place, but there are a few points to consider before you give a potential 10-15 year living, breathing gift for someone – even if they’ve talked about adopting a pet before.   After all, you may have a girlfriend who has spoken about wanting to have a baby but you wouldn’t (nor can you, lol) gift them a child! All merriment aside, choosing a pet for someone is like buying a piece of jewelry; you better know the persons personal tastes or your super well-intentioned gift may turn out to be a big flop!

First and foremost, be sure the person really wants a dog! Wishing and fantasizing about long walks on the beach with a dog when you live in Minto may be more wishful thinking than a true desire to have a canine companion (much like my desire for a sprawling bungalow atop a hill surrounded by nature, no neighbours for miles and a walking distance No Frills). Really know your audience. That is why it is best to gift pups to close family only (like your own!).

Secondly, really know what they want. Has this person done the necessary research on breeds to know what they are getting into? Do they want a high energy Beagle or a big, but low energy Great Dane? A shedder or a hypoallergenic pup? A guard dog or a lap dog? Are they financially capable of taking care of a dog and can they give it the attention it deserves? It’s a lot to take into consideration and at this point you may be thinking the recipient you had in mind may benefit from yet another cozy sweater, but if you still feel so inclined, try to let them in on your intentions versus having it sprung on them. Another way to do “the Christmas puppy” right, is buying dog-related toys and accessories. If everyone is onboard with the idea you’ve given a great start up gift, if not, you’ve given the gift your intentions and everything else is returnable!

The best thing you can do is put the shoe on the other paw, so to speak. Imagine someone had gifted you a potentially un-returnable gift that happens to also be living and breathing. What would you do? Well, first and foremost, whether you wanted it or not the intention and meaning behind such a gift is in and of itself glorious! If you’ve known puppy love, you know that if someone wanted you to have such a wonderful connection with another being, that is itself a wonderful gift. So do be gracious and politely decline the pup. Be honest in your desires and abilities to take on such a responsibility. Alternatively, you could always accept the gift and find a loving home for it later.

Good luck in all your gift giving this year! Do you have a successful Christmas Pup gift-giving story? Please share your story here with us 🙂 Have a Pawy Christmas!!




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