Happy Year of the Dog

This lunar calendar year belongs to our friend the dog!  Fortunately you don’t have to have been born in the year of the dog to be a dog person but if you are it is interesting to note if you share the same characteristics as these wonderful creatures.  Doesn’t knowing that you are similar to something wonderful make you feel wonderful as well?   Well you can start feeling wonderful if you were born in the years 1994, 1934, 1922, 2006, 1970, 1958, 2018, and 1982 because this is your year!  As we all know pups are known to be great companions due to their loyalty and honesty.  They are highly intelligent, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and do their best to protect people of integrity and support their cause.  Makes sense since they tend to guard their owners.

So what does this mean for 2018?  It’s going to be all about fighting for causes – this could be a large scale political movement or just small acts of kindness.   So if you are already inclined to be a social warrior, this is your year to get a little extra help from the universe!  If you’re more of a low scale type person, this is a great year to make good friends and lend a helping hand.   The animals in the Chinese Zodiac are usually accompanied by an element. This year our friendly pooch is paired with the Earth element, which means he’s a bit mellower, clear and even headed so tackling those heated situations, may be easier this year with this Earthy perspective.

If you’re a die-hard zodiac fan and are constantly reading your astrology report, roughly translated, this year belongs to the Scorpios and Libras of this world!  No matter when you were born or if you believe in astrology, we all know every year is a pup year full of puppy love.  Let’s try to be more like our furry BFF’s this year; reach out and love someone!




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