2017 Woof-A-Palooza Festival Review

A K-9 shout out for Carina Paoletti and the gang at Woof-A-Palooza! Woof, woof! This was a fantastic event that was greeted by a bright, hot, sunny day. It was great to see the Vaughn community come out and celebrate their pups and spend time with the family.

This event was absolutely everything it had set out to be. There was an agility course, talent show, fashion competition, vendors for all your pup needs, a micro chip booth, a veterinarian on site, and Matthew from Pet to Pal Dog Training gave a great “how-to” on dog training.

I loved the space! There was private green space for running and roaming at the Woodbridge Fairgrounds for dogs of every size. Driving in and out was easy, parking was a cinch, water stations were everywhere to cool down your pup, doggie pools, and food trucks for every taste.

A special thank you to the police and firemen who came out to support the cause. The only thing that could have made the event better on that hot, hot day was if the firemen had turned the hose on and sprayed everyone down! Although, if it’s just as hot next year, maybe a sprinkler for the kids (and me….it’s the little things that make you feel like a kid again :D).

This event was pumped up by Johanna Luna; entertainment journalist extraordinaire! Johanna was absolutely stunning, setting an example for fashionistas everywhere. Friendly, warm and professional, she hosted the afternoon’s stage events including the Pup-A-Razzi fashion show which was won by: ‘Sage’ a 5yr old female Chihuahua from 3 Furry Beauties. Congratulations! Now there’s a doggie diva!


The cameras didn’t stop clicking at the fashion show. There were plenty of photo ops throughout the day courtesy of Dogs of Anarchy. And, if your pup arrived looking as if he’d missed his grooming appointment, have no fear! A quick stop at any of the pup grooming or nail-trimming booths polished the pups right up for the photo shoot. Their pic may even have ended up in “Snapd” or Woof-A-Palooza’s social media for their claim to fame.


Speaking of photo ops, a BIG thanks goes to our friends at Stefania Grace Photography! They provided every photograph in this blog as they were at the event all day and didn’t miss a thing. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re reading this blog, it is just a testament to the fact that we are living in the social media age. A shout out to all the Woof-A-Palooza social media engagement winners of the day and a big thank you to all who follow Toronto Dog Spot on social media and who participated in our social media giveaways! Congratulations to our winners and remember, keep a look out for our next monthly giveaway.


The weather wasn’t the only think making it warm that day. It was lovely to see families and friends coming out to socialize and meet new pups! It was a great social event for our furry BFF’s and paws down, a great success! I can’t wait to see what Woof-A-Palooza has in store next year for Vaughan’s families and pooch population!

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