Scare Tactic Threatening Dogs Causes Concern in Toronto’s East End

I get that not everyone is a dog lover; heck I’ve been there.  Before meeting my husband poop and scoop was not in my vocabulary.   But, it is so disturbing to discover people threatening to kill other people’s dogs.   Let’s take a step back and remember that whether or not you are a dog person, animal person, or people person, they are all living things that should be respected.  There’s obviously a better way to solve your issues.

This little rant is a warm up to the news that came out today about an individual at 20 Leslie St., who posted a disturbing letter threatening the health of a dog because he is frustrated that the pet owner is not scooping after pooping.  From what I understand, from the news stories, there is a commercial warehouse that allows their employees to bring their dogs to work.  There is a property close by owned by the frustrated gentleman. Old story.  Here is what the letter said:

“To the person who lets their large dog Blog_Scare_Tactic_Causes_Concernuse this area for a bathroom and will not pick up after their dog. Please be warned we have dropped small treats in the grass that will make your dog REAL SICK.  It will not kill the dog but will make the dog REAL SICK. If your dog starts to vomit, the dog should go to the VET.  It won’t die but it will get REAL SICK.Thank you, you are warned.”

At the end of the day, no dogs have been reported ill, no such treats were found and the letter seemed to have been a scare tactic that worked.  The signs have since been taken down.

Here’s hoping we’ve all been to kindergarten and picked up the basics of the golden rule; scoop after your own as you would appreciate others scooping too.  Be kind and courteous to each other – all the s*#t will wash out in the rain.

What are your views?  Should we let non-scoopers get away with it?  Should there be penalties for pet parents who misbehave?  Is it worth punishing the dog?  Let us know!




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