Happy Thanksgiving

Although the air is not crisp yet and the leaves on the trees are slow to change into their brilliant colors, Thanksgiving is upon us once again. Time for pumpkin and apple picking, taking the kids to fun outdoor events, eating roasted corn on the cob, hay rides, corn mazes and scarecrows. This is the best part of autumn.   Tomorrow everyone will be chowing down on turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, pumpkin and apple pie surrounded by family and friends.

This is also the time of the year as we transition from the Thanksgiving to the Christmas season where we are more aware of the blessings in our lives and all that we have to be thankful for. As we acknowledge the wonderful people who love and surround us and the bounty of the seasons, let us also remember the one who gives us constant joy every day of their lives, dotes on us, forgives us, is never judgmental and only aims to please. That’s right, I mean the pup in our lives. Let us be thankful that there is always a furry friend to lick our face good morning, running to the door to greet us at the end of a workday, take us for a walk to stretch our legs and curl up at our feet as we unwind with a cup of coffee.

I found a great quote that I’m sure will sum up the feelings of the season:

“Today I am thankful for the muddy paw prints in my kitchen, the hair on my clothes and the dog in my bed…because one day, all of this will surely be missed.” – Anonymous

Thank you to all you pups that bring us joy, calm, friendship, companionship and love.   Who’s a good pup? We love you too!




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