A Wienerful Wedding Proposal in the Park

It was a beautiful sunny day on October 1st in Toronto. My husband and daughter took a day trip into the big city while I was at work to get some fresh air, run around the park and take in the local sights including St. James cathedral. My three year-old looked up at the gothic beauty and said “Look daddy, a castle!” They heard the bells chime and echo throughout the city sending salutations to the weekend visitors and everyday citizens reminding them that it was a perfect day to relax, take a breath and perhaps spend the day with someone you love.

It just so happens that John Lane had that exact intention in mind when he proposed to his sweetheart of one and a half years, Sonya, in St. James Park. John and Sonya are avid animal lovers, so he knew his quirky proposal had to include one of Sonya’s great loves (other than John, of course) and Sonya is wild for wieners – Dachshunds that is! After navigating the net, John found Linda Collier, organizer of Weinerfest and asked if would be possible to arrange a poochy proposal for his princess. Ever the obliging lady, Linda was thrilled to help John seal the deal. Linda arranged for 14 Dachshunds to wear a t-shirt (provided by WienerWares) each with one letter on it to spell out “Will you marry me?”

That very October day, Toronto Dog Spot was privileged to capture the moment as John and Sonya strolled through beautiful St. James Park and John elegantly turned to her on bended knee and asked for her hand. After a resounding “yes”, Sonya cried even harder when she saw the surprise Dachshund message awaiting her – and all petted them all within an inch of their lives!


So there you have it ladies, you know when you’ve met the right mate when they think of the one thing you love the most and incorporate it into the most magical time of your life.

Congratulations John and Sonya! Best wishes from Toronto Dog Spot!




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