Toronto’s Newest Dog Festival “Park & Bark” Opens This Weekend

Toronto Dog Spot found another cool dog festival in the big city this fall but with a twist.  This past summer, the pup festivals have been fund raisers or to shed light on the growing needs of the canine community, or even raising awareness and continuing on the good work of great people who were an integral part of their community.  Of course it is always for the pups and pup-parents who are the focus of these great festivals; your presence brings together the warmth and great energy when you all gather round with your families and doggie in tow!  My favorite part, and I have admitted this in the past, is the shopping!  I love just strolling around at these events and window shopping (I say window shopping because I’m supposed to be working!)  especially at the start-up and small business tents.  I must say I am totally amazed at the great ideas and wonderful pup-peneurs I have met blogging for Toronto Dog Spot.  I appreciate the ingenuity and the hard work it takes to create something sustainable from a great idea and doing all the hard work and research on how to get there.

On September 16, 2017 Park and Bark festival will be stepping onto the pup stage for the first time this year at Yonge and Davisville.  I found this dog event different than the others mainly because of its focus.   Park and Bark is being run by The Big Idea Lab ; a marketing, brand building, strategic planning and product development company and they have taken their market research results (i.e. the GTA has a quarter million dogs!) and gracefully fused selling pup products and embracing the local pet community.  Basically, they are helping our entrepreneurs in the pup industry to build their brand by bringing them to you, the public.  Aside from the usual furry fashion shows, give-aways and food trucks, this event will also sport vendors who will give an elevator speech to introduce themselves and their products, talks on how to take care for your pet, and so as not to leave out pup owners, a best dressed owner and dog couple! (Parents are always left out of the limelight – until now!!)

The genius behind the business of biped sales for quadruped service symbiosis comes from Lyle Goodis, CEO of Big Idea Lab and 30 years in the business of marketing, so he’s no stranger to selling ideas and products.  If you need help to start selling, Lyle knows how to craft brand position to help sell product (his words, not mine) and using marketing to drive business.   All the wonderful products that you use or purchase for your pup or to help the canine community such as specialty food items, accessories, or even training facilities thrive from having customers (duh). As consumers, we make the world go round, that’s why it is so important to support those whom we believe are making quality products.  I see this event as a celebration of our consumer culture and a show of good faith in helping small businesses and idea generators in becoming successful.

The event is free to the public and is supported by varying level of sponsorships.  The party continues on in Roncesvalles in October, so if you would like to become a sponsor or a vendor, you can contact Lyle directly (416-471-8368) or via email  So get in on the fall fun with your families and pups this September and October and come out and support those who make owing a pet easier, helpful, stylish and fun!

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