OSPCA Takes Custody of Abused Dog in Toronto Subway Video

Some sad news in our pet community this week – a woman riding the subway in Toronto was caught hurting her dog.   She was seen to be pulling on the leash and its hair, yelling and even biting the dog.  This incident was recorded on camera and later posted online.  The authorities were called and the police questioned a woman along with witnesses and ended up letting the owner go with a warning as the pooch seemed to be unharmed and there was no video evidence at the time.  After the video was posted, the OSPCA opened an investigation after being notified by the police.  The pup has since been seen by a veterinarian and is in good health.

I am not sure what was going through this woman’s mind at the time or even her frame of mind as the dog seemed to not be acting out of control or rangy.  This is a non-judgmental blog site.  When our pets behave badly, sure we correct, discipline or show them what to do instead of what not to do.  This is where good training techniques come into play.  It is difficult, especially with puppies who are still trying to learn their boundaries, to always be patient and not loose your cool.  Sometimes we need to take a breath and not take it out on the ones we love.  Thank goodness pups are forgiving souls and forget our bad behaviours quickly.

Unfortunately, constant, malicious pet abuse is a reality in our world. Truly, if you can’t love a pet, just don’t get one.  It is better to give it up to a kennel in hopes a loving family will adopt the fur ball.  Animals have feelings and souls and suffer exactly the way any human would if it were abused in the same way.  Odd misbehaviors, unhappiness, disobedience, and worst of all fear – that’s no way to live.

So for all the pet parents out there, go home and give your pooch an extra hug, a treat and an extra long walk tonight.  For all the crazy and sad things we see and hear in the world, it’s a great practice to give thanks for the love, happiness and security we provide for and receive from our pets.




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