5 Dog Travel Essentials for a Happy Pupcation

With the last month of summer upon us it’s time to plan the last cottage or camping trips. Thinking of taking a pet friendly vacation? Sometimes it’s hard to make sure your pet is comfortable while you’re on the road. We compiled this list of five useful accessories to pack when travelling with your dog.


5. Collapsible Bowl by Top Paw

This bowl is great for those long road trips where you’ll need to give Fido some water on the way.  Made by Top Paw, the bowl is light weight and easy to carry. The bowl has a key chain attachment you can clip on any bag or leash. With the temperatures rising it’s important to make sure that your dog is hydrated.

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4. Seatbelt Leash or Harness

Does your dog get a little anxious in the car? Do they bounce around from seat to seat causing the driver distraction? Keep your dog and yourself safe by getting a seat belt leash or harness. There are many different variations of seat belts for dogs and they all work great. Make sure the leash is long enough for your dog to move and adjust comfortably but not long enough to reach the front seat. It may take some time for your dog to adjust to their new travel routine but it ensures everyone’s safety and that is more important than anything.

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3. Doggie Life Jacket

If you’re going to be by a lake and you have a pooch who’s not the best swimmer you may want to invest in a pet lifejacket. While it’s important for humans to wear life jackets in boats it is also the same for dogs. If something were to happen you’d want to make sure everyone in the family is safe, including your pooch. These life jackets are also good for top heavy dogs with short snouts like french bulldogs, shih tzus and other smaller breeds. There are many different variations of these products so you can ensure you’re getting the right fit for your needs.

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2. Anxiety Treats

A lot of dogs get a little anxious while travelling and need some help adjusting. If that sounds like your dog it may be a smart idea to invest in some anxiety remedies. At almost every pet store there’s a section with vitamins and medications where you’ll find anxiety relief for your pet. There are gummies, treats, sprays and other products at almost every local pet store.  Try any of these to help your pet feel at home anywhere you are!

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1. Portable dog shower

Does your dog have a lovely habit of finding every muddy, dirty, sticky spot when you go camping? As long as you’re near water and have a vehicle you can hose your dog down wherever you are! This hose hooks up to your car and pumps water through to the shower head. It’s easy and it’s compact so it doesn’t get in the way of all your other gear.

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Get these five products and we’ll guarantee a stress-free weekend away with your dog!




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