Will Metrolinx Change its Pet Policy?

Well there you have it. The world is evolving again; necessity is the mother of all invention and Torontonians need their four legged friends to be able to ride the rails!  Makes sense – those of us who have pets and cars can get away to the cottage and staycations and our vehicles allow us to bring the whole family along.  If you’ve committed to going green and depend on the GO or TTC, you’ve had to leave your fur friend behind unless they were crated or travelling off peak hours in the case of the TTC.  Of course, service dogs are always the exception, but if you want to take your lab across town, or across the Durham region, you’re going to have to be creative.

Kimberly Fleming, was the knight in shining armour who started a petition to allow pups onto the GO train.  The petition had 1000 signatures by last Wednesday so clearly there is a need and desire to transport our pets.

When trying to accommodate  other needs and points of view one has to be careful to find a balance that will be a good solution for everyone. We have to remember the needs and feelings of those who have allergies, a fear of dogs, and of course, keep in mind that not every pup is well behaved.

So how can we make both sides happy?  The policy is still under review, but I’m thinking dedicating a car for pets and their pet parents?  What do you think?  How can we make this happen that would be agreeable to all those who use public transportation? Let us know!




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