Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Time for another fun-fact blog – can dogs eat avocado?  Yes and no.  Was that the answer you were expecting to get?   Humans love avocado; it is such a versatile fruit often found in our sandwiches, salads and of course…guac!  (I loooove guacamole and you will always see a side of it on any plate I order when out at a restaurant.  “Would you like guacamole on the side?” Actually, no, I’d like a bucket of it. Thank you, kindly.)  I am convinced I have the best avocado recipe; my feedback comes from family and hungry friends, of course, but Titan starts to drool as well as he sidles me while I’m making my delicious dip!  Something about that avocado that calls to us all! Of course, we only eat the fruit, however, our four-legged furry friends may not be so discriminate if they got their paws on a ripe, green fruity treat.  If a pup swallows the pit, that is where our problems begin.  The odd chip with guac or avocado slice that has fallen to the floor won’t cause any detrimental effects but watch out for the core – there’s a nasty surprise inside.

Physically, the pit itself can be dangerous because it is a choking hazard.  Even if they get it down their gulls, the pit can become trapped inside the eosophagus, stomach or intestinal tract.   So if your pooch is counter surfing around your avocados, make sure you snatch it out of their teeth before they wolf it down.   If they do, call a vet immediately! If you are in the habit of giving the odd human treat to your dog, your child may pick up on it and think it’s okay.  Most likely, they don’t realize that you are choosy about what you toss up in the air for your doggie to catch, so make sure there’s some education at home when delivering the goods to your furry besty.

Aside from the physical danger, the pit contains a substance called persin.  Persin is a fungicidal toxin that is oil soluble and can cause a tummy ache.  It is concentrated in the leaves of the plant but it is also found in the seeds, the stem and, of course, the fruit.   Signs to watch out for if your dog has ingested the toxin includes vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of stool production.

Avocados have wonderful health benefits for humans.  As the raw food diet for our pups rages on, proceed with caution with certain foods.  Avocados are only mildly toxic in dogs if at all, but as always, check with your vet for your pup’s nutritional needs and concerns.




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