How to Prevent Dog Paw Burns from Hot Pavement this Summer

OUCH! You’ve felt it before, the searing pain on your tender tootsies when making your way from your lounge chair to the pool or even over the hot sand to the big blue ocean.  Your feet feel like the damnable fires of hell until you reach the sweet relief of the cold water until the last ten seconds is but an inconvenient memory that you’ll suffer over and over again, because, hey, you’re on vacation!

Lest we forget, though, that despite their beautiful leathery paw pumps, the hot asphalt may burn away their pads leaving an ugly sore that can make it unbearable to walk on.   How hot is too hot?  Well, generally, if it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot it’s too hot for your furry friend.  But, if you’re in doubt  (or have an incredibly high tolerance for burning turn on the soles of your feet) use the SPCA’s 5 second rule; put the back of your hand on the pavement and hold it there for 5 seconds.  If you can’t handle the heat, don’t take your pup out for walk.  


According to the Journal of American Medical Association, at 125 F (51 C), skin destruction can happen in 60 seconds!  

Tips to Getting out and Avoiding the Heat

  1.  Keep to cool grass or outfit your four-legged friend with booties
  2. Apply paw wax (see below) to rub on their feet before they pawmanade down the street
  3. Keep your walks to early morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler

It’s gearing up to be a hot summer so remember to keep your pooches safe outdoors, and remember NEVER leave you pup in a car on a hot day!




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