Mr. Spot Dog Camp is a Perfect Getaway for You and Your Pup

One of the big considerations in having a four-legged companion is you have to take them with you wherever you go.   If you are an avid jet-setter, maybe owning a pet doesn’t quite fit into your lifestyle if you are constantly having to leave your pal behind. My husband used to travel quite a bit with his first job. In the days of River, our beloved Lab, this was a heartbreaking emotional time. When River saw the suitcase at the front door it was an ominous sign that daddy was going away for a few days. And oh! The crying and whimpering and long good byes that would ensue as he ventured out the front door to catch his plane.   River would cry too. Sometimes he would go into a melancholia and fast. It was quite the scene. But, at least he stayed with his family, surrounded by people who loved him while he awaited his master’s return.

Of course there are kennels and doggy day-camps such as Park9 that take great care of your pup while you get away, and, if you decide to take Buddy along with you, there are accommodations who accept pets. This makes it easier to plan a vacay where the whole family, even Pluto, can join in.

If you have kids, you know that MrSpotDogCamp_Save150_Offsite 6x4planning a vacation better include activities that they can do and not just have them tag along to an “adult” vacation – BORING! And entertaining kids is not a vacation, am I right? A place like Great Wolf Lodge seems like a win-win; entertainment value for the kids as well as the parents (I’ll have to try it someday!) That’s why, as a dog owner, Mr. Spot Dog Camp caught my attention as I was meandering through the line of tents at Wienerfest. This is an all in one vacation and training for pet parents and their fur babies. This week long trip is so chock-a-bock full of activities that you may need a vacation from your vacation. Packed with 20 activities daily, and run by expert instructors, this camp is for pups of all breeds, sizes, ages and training levels. Mix and match, go slower or speed up the pace of your day with any of the following activities/classes: rally obedience, obedience, tricks and games, tracking, loose leash walking, agility, reliable recall, chase ability and so much more!

My favourite part is the fact that this doggie’s wonderland is situated in Kingston, the home to my Alma Matter, Queen’s U – go Gaels! The city is so beautiful covered in limestone, surrounded by waterfront and full of rich history with Fort Henry, our penitentiaries and the home of our first Prime Minister. Culture and intellectual pursuits is what Kingston is all about, but also fun! Mr. Spot Dog Camp includes a murder mystery for those who enjoy entertainment with their meals as well as tours of historic Kingston. While you’re there go out and about and try as many restaurants and café’s as you can!

The camp runs from July 9th to 15th, 2017 and is located on the grounds of St. Lawrence College Residence. Check out for all the fine details or click here for the full itinerary, deals and to-do’s! Have you been to this doggie destination? Let us know what you think and share your experience!





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